Data analytics for service delivery and sustainable development

The Government of Nigeria Ministries, Departments and Agencies, including donorā€funded implementing partners have a lot of existing GIS and other program / projects service delivery data, at national and sub-national levels, which have been collected over the years but not necessarily collated, harmonised nor analysed fully. The existing data could be collated, further processed, triangulated and analysed, then presented as valid evidence-based intelligence to inform policy and management decisions.

TCIS generates and facilitates the use of enhanced strategic information for decision-making and organisational learning through systematic in-depth analysis of existing GIS, health service and program data across the country. The analysis generates enhanced validated information on the diverse sub-groups through better use of epidemiologic and small area program data to inform the focusing of scarce resources for health care where they are most needed.

Sample descriptive data presentations of the secondary data analysis of the limited data available to us are shown in the projects.